Vol.25 No.5
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
459~467 Steam Reforming of Toluene over Ni/Ru-K/Al2O3 Catalyst KUN WOONG OH1, SEO YOON PARK2, JAE GOO LEE3, SANG JUN YOON1,3†
468~474 Anaerobic Hydrogen Fermentation of Food Waste Treated by Food Waste Disposer JAE MIN CHOI1, CHAE YOUNG LEE2†
475~481 Development of Synthesis Processfor Ammonia Borane using NaBH4 as the Hydrogen Storage Materials HO YUN CHOI, SUNG JIN PARK, SUNG JIN JUNG, JONG MIN BAEK, HAN DOCK SONGJONG SOO KIM, KUN JONG LEE, YOUNG LAE KIM†
482~490 The Effect of ZnO Content on the Performance of Spray-dried Zn-basedDesulfurization Sorbent for H2S Cleanup JEOM IN BAEK†, TAE HYOUNG EOM, JOONG BEOM LEE, SEONG JEGARL, CHONG KUL RYU
491~499 Soft Sensor Development for Predicting the Relative Humidityof a Membrane Humidifier for PEM Fuel Cells IN SU HAN†, HYUN KHIL SHIN
500~508 Development of Safety Assessment for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle GEE JOONG YONG1, KWANG BUM LEE2†
509~515 The Study of the Design and Control for the Hydrogen Recirculation Blower Noise and Vibration Reduction HO JUNE BAE1†, HYEON SEOK BAN1, YONG GYU NOH1, SEOK YEONG JANG2, HYUN JOON LEE1,CHI MYUNG KIM1, YONG SUN PARK1
516~524 Development of the Integrated Exhaust System and Techniques of Nitrogen and Condensate for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle HYO SUB SHIM†, HYO SUB KIM, JAE HOON KIM, BU KIL KWON, HYUN JOON LEE,CHI MYUNG KIM, YONG SUN PARK
525~532 A Study on Sensing Method of the Stack Coolant Deficiency for FCEV HYUNG KOOK KIM1†, SU DONG HAN1, GI YOUNG NAM1, CHI MYUNG KIM1, YONG SUN PARK1
533~540 The Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Remanufactured Diesel Engine by Hydrogen Enrichment YONG TAE KIM1, JAE HWAN WOO1, SAM WON SEO2, CHANG KI KIM2, BUM SU PARK3
541~549 Modeling Analysis for Thermal Performance of Solar Flat Plate Collector System Through a Year GEW DEOK KIM1, BAE DUCK PARK1, KYOUNG HOON KIM2†
550~559 Development of Numerical Model and Experimental Apparatus for Analyzing the Performance of a Ball Valve used for Gas Pipeline in Permafrost Area SANG MOON LEE, CHOON MAN JANG†