Vol.26 No.4
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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301~307 Analysis on Fluid Dynamics in the Cooling Tube for Manufacture of Liquid Hydrogen DAE-WON LEE1, HOANG HAI NGUYEN1, ANNA NASONOVA1, IN-HWAN OH2†, KYO-SEON KIM1†
308~317 Volumetric Thermal Analysis of Hydrogen Desorption from Mg-13.5wt%Ni Hydride JEONG SEB HAN1†, KYUNG DUCK PARK2
318~323 Synthesis and Durability of Carbon-Supported Catalysts for PEMFC MI HYE YI†, JIN SEONG CHOI, BUMWOOK ROH
324~330 Effect of Electrolyte Flow Rates on the Performance of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery KEON JOO LEE1, SUNHOE KIM2†
331~338 Mathematical Simulation on Thermal Performance of Packed Bed Solar Energy Storage System ANIL KUMAR, MAN-HOE KIM†
339~346 The Effect of Organic Solvents on the Activity for the Synthesis of 12wt% Co-based FT Catalyst JIYUN LEE1, JA-RYOUNG HAN2, JONGTAE CHUNG2, YOUNGSOON BAEK3†
347~356 A Study on the Lifted Flame Structure with Strain Rates in Premixed Impinging Jet Flames of Syngas (H2/CO) KEUNSEON SIM1, BYOUNGLOK JANG2, KEEMAN LEE1†
357~362 Spray Characteristics of a Coal Slurry with Liquid Carbon Dioxide CHANGYEON KIM1, HAKDUCK KIM1, JUHUN SONG2†
363~368 An Experimental Study on Hydrocarbon Emission Characteristics of Hydrogen Enriched LPG Fuel in a LPG Engine at Cold Start YEONGJAE LEE1, HYUNGKEUN KIM1†, TAESEOK BANG1, JAEWOONG LEE1, YONGSEOK CHO2
369~376 Numerical Study on Co-Combustion in Diesel Engine for Heavy-Duty Power Generation DONG-KYUN SEO†, KWANG-BEOM HUR, YEONTAE JEONG, EUI-HYUN KIM
377~385 Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of Regenerative Organic Rankine Cycle using Turbine Bleeding KYOUNG HOON KIM1, SEON HWANG2, MAN-HOE KIM3†
386~392 Internal Flow Analysis for a 10 inch Ball Valve using Flow Similarity SANG-MOON LEE, CHOON-MAN JANG†