Vol.26 No.3
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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199~205 Effect of Livestock Wastewater Addition on Hydrogen and Organic Acids Production Using Food Waste SUJIN JANG1,2, DONGHOON KIM3, MOKWON LEE2, JEONGGEOL NA2, MISUN KIM1,2†
206~211 Commercial Production for the Hydrogen Generation with Alkaline Electrode Cells BO YEON KIM1, DONG JIN KIM1, EUN YOUNG KANG1, TAE WAN KIM1, HUI CHAN SIM1†, TAECK HONG LEE2
212~220 Study of Synthesis and Performance of Covalently Cross-Linked SPEEK/Cs-TSiA Composite Membranes with Ceria Contents for Water Electrolysis DAE-JIN YOON1, YUN-SUN OH1, HYEON SEO1, SANG-BONG MOON2, JANG-HOON CHUNG1†
221~226 Methane Dry Reforming over Ru/CeO2 catalysts NGUYEN THI BICH HIEN1,2, MINA JEON2, MUHAMMAD RIDWAN1,2, RIZCKY TAMARANY2, CHANG WON YOON1,2†
227~233 A Research on Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC) using Palladium Catalyst Synthesized by Polyol Method JONGWON YANG1, EUI HYUN KIM2, MIHWA CHOI2, YONGCHAI KWON1†
234~240 Performance of a 5 L Liquid Hydrogen Storage Vessel SARNG WOO KARNG1, NATHANIEL GARCEAU1, CHANG MU LIM1, JONG HOON BAIK2, SEO YOUNG KIM3†, IN-HWAN OH4†
241~246 Development of the Integrated Fuel Cell Monitoring System HYUNJUN KIM†, SANGCHUL YEOM, BYUNGKI AHN, SAEHOON KIM, YEONGBEOM KUM
247~259 Two-stage Bioprocesses Combining Dark H2 Fermentation: Organic Waste Treatment and Bioenergy Production CHAE-YOUNG LEE1, KYU-SEON YOO2, SUN-KEE HAN3†
260~270 Mathematical Model and Numerical Analysis for Packed Bed Methanation Reactors JUNHWA CHI†
271~277 Feasibility of Energy Generation from Chemical Reaction between Hydrogen Peroxide/Hydride SEONGHYEON SEO†
278~286 Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of a Cogeneration System in Series Circuit Using Regenerative ORC KYOUNG HOON KIM1, BAE DUCK PARK2, MAN-HOE KIM3†
287~293 The effects of Gasoline-Biodiesel Blended Fuels on Spray Characteristics SAKDA THONGCHAI1, OCKTAECK LIM2†
294~299 The Research About Free Piston Linear Engine with Artificial Neural Network TUSHAR AHMED1, NGUYEN BA HUNG1, OCKTAECK LIM2†