Vol.25 No.6
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
561-569 Study of Characteristic of Covalent Cross-linked SPEEK/Silane 4wt%/Cs-substituted MoPA/Ceria hybrid Membrane for Water Electrolysis SEUNGHEE OH1, DAEYONG PARK1, SUNGHA HWANG1, DAEJIN YOON1, YUNSUN OH1,
570-576 A Study on Reforming Reaction for Preparation of Synthesis Gas from Land-Fill Gas WOOKSANG CHO1†, JUNGSUP YOON1, SUNGGYU PARK2, YONGKI MO3, YOUNGSOON BAEK3
577~585 Effect of Support Geometry on Catalytic Activity of Pt/CeO2 Nanorods in Water Gas Shift Reaction HYO BEEN IM1, SOON JIN KWON1, CHANG KI BYUN1, HEE SUNG AHN2, KEE YOUNG KOO3,WANG LAI YOON3, KWANG BOK YI2
586~593 Development of a Plasma-Dump Reformer for Syngas Production MUN SUP LIM, EUN HYUK KIM, YOUNG NAM CHUN
594~601 Study on the Synthesis of HoN Nanoparticles and Magnetocaloric Effect as Magnetic Refrigerant for Hydrogen Re-Liquefaction DONGSOO KIM1
602~608 The Hydrogen Binding Property Study by Density Functional Theory for Zr, V, Fe and Al TAESUNG PARK1, TAECKHONG LEE1
609~619 Study on a Quantitative Risk Assessment of a Large-scale Hydrogen Liquefaction Plant KYU HYUNG DO1
620~628 A Comparative Study on Electrochemical Impedance Analysis of Solid Carbon Fuels in Direct Carbon Fuel Cell JAEMIN CHO1, SEONGYONG EOM1, GWANGSEOB LEE1, SEONGYOOL AHN2,DUCKJOOL KIM3
629~635 Evaluation of Energy Production for a Small Wind Turbine by Considering the Geometric Shape of the Deokjeok-Do Island CHOON-MAN JANG1
636~642 An Experimental Study on Spray Characteristics of Directly Injected Bio-Ethanol-Gasoline Blended Fuel By Varying Fuel Temperature SEANGWOOK LEE1, GIYOUNG PARK2
643~647 A Study on the Injection Characteristics of Direct Injection CNG Fuel S. W. LEE1†, T. ROGERS2, P. PETERSEN3, I. G. KIM4, H. I. KANG5
648~655 A Study on the Design of the Free-Piston Stirling Engine/Alternator SEONGJE PARK1