Vol.24 No.1
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
1~11 Effect of Additives for Prevention of NaBO2 Precipitation on Hydrogen Generation Properties of NaBH4 Hydrolysis TAEKHYUN OH, SEJIN KWON†
12~19 Hydrogen Conversion of Syngas by Using WGS Reaction in a Coal Gasifier SEE HOON LEE1, JUNG NAM KIM2, WON HYUN EOM2, IL HYUN BAEK2†
20~28 Optimal Temperature for H2 Production and Population Growth of the N2-fixing Unicellular Cyanobacterial Strains from Korean Coasts JONGWOO PARK1, HYUNGSEOP KIM2, WONHO YIH1†
29~35 Oxygen Permeation and Hydrogen Production of BaCo1-x-yFexZryO3-δ by a Modified Glycine-nitrate Process (MGNP) EUNJEONG YI, HAEJIN HWANG†
36~43 A Numerical Investigation of Hydrogen Desorption Reaction for Tritium Delivery from Tritium Storage Based on ZrCo HANEUL YOO1, ARAE JO1, GEONHUI GWAK1, SEIHUN YUN2, MINHO CHANG2,HYUNGOO KANG2, HYUNCHUL JU1†
44~49 Variation of Hydrogen Residue on Metallic Samples by Thermal Soaking in an Inert Gas Environment YUNHEE LEE†, JONGSEO PARK, UNBONG BAEK, SEUNGHOON NAHM
50~60 Study on Optimization of Operating Conditions for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells Using Design of Experiments JINTAE KIM1,2, MINJIN KIM1,2†, YOUNGJUN SOHN1,2
61~69 Effect of Iodine-coated Bipolar Plates on the Performance of a Polymer Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell TAEEON KIM1,2, SOME JUON2, KWANGYEON CHO1†, YONGGUN SHUL2†
70~75 Performance of Fuel Cell with PEMFC Fabricated under Different Pressure KI-SEONG LEE, SOOMAN SIM, DONGMIN KIM†
76~83 Experimental Investigation of the Water Droplet Dynamics inside the Simulated PEMFC Single Flow Channel with GDL HAN-SANG KIM†, YONG-WHI JI, JI-HYUN IN, JI-YONG AN
84~90 Study on the Behaivor of Bubbles in Array Type Flow Channels YOUNGGUAN JUNG†
91~97 Characteristics of Thermodynamic Performance of Organic Flash Cycle (OFC) KYOUNGHOON KIM, YOUNGGUAN JUNG, SANGHEE PARK†