Vol.24 No.2
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
99~106 Start-up Strategy for the Successful Operation of Continuous Fermentative Hydrogen Production CHANG-KYU LEE†
107~112 CdSe Sensitized ZnO Nanorods on FTO Glass for Hydrogen Production under Visible Light Irradiation HYUN KIM, BEE LYONG YANG†
113~120 Numerical Analysis of Steam-methane Reforming Reaction for Hydrogen Generation using Catalytic Combustion JEONGSEOP LEE1, KANGHOON LEE1, SANGSEOK YU2†, KOOKYOUNG AHN3, SANGGYU KANG3
121~127 Hydrogen Brittleness on Welding Part for SDS Bottles RAYMUND K.-I. KIM1, JUNG SEOK2, HYUNGOO KANG3, MINHO CHANG3,SEIHUN YUN2, TAE-WHAN HONG1†
128~135 Rapid Cooling Performance Evaluation of a ZrCo bed for a Hydrogen Isotope Storage JUNGMIN LEE1, JONGCHUL PARK1, DAESEO KOO1, DONGYOU CHUNG2, SEI-HUN YUN2,SEUNGWOO PAEK1, HONGSUK CHUNG1†
136~141 A Study on the Application of the Lean Boosting in a Hydrogen-fueled Engine with the SI and the External Mixture KWANGJU LEE1, JONGGOO LEE1, JONGTAI LEE2†
142~149 Synthesisand Electrochemical Behaviors of Hybrid Carbon (ACF/Graphene) as Supports by Microwaves-irradiation Method for Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) YONGIL CHO1, YUKWON JEON1, DAE-HWAN PARK1, SO-ME JUON1, TAE-EON KIM1KYEONGSEOK OH2, YONG-GUN SHUL1†
150~159 Effects of Bed Insert Geometry and Shape of WGS Catalysts on CO Conversion in a Fluidized Bed Reactor for SEWGS Process HOJUNG RYU1†, HANA KIM1,2, DONGHO LEE1, DALHEE BAE1, TAEKSUNG HWANG2
160~171 Characterization of Atmospheric H2-Plasma-Treated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 as Cathode Materials in Lithium Rechargeable Batteries HO-JUNG SUN1, JAE-HO LEE2, HYUN-YOUNG JEONG1,4, DONG-CHAN SEOK4,YONGHO JUNG4, GYUNGSE PARK3, JOONGPYO SHIM2†
172~178 Effects of Co-solvent on Dendritic Lithium Growth Reaction JIHOON KANG, SOONKI JEONG†
179~185 Effects of Charge-discharge Rate on Morphology and Resistance of Surface Film on a Graphite Negative Electrodein an Ethylene Carbonate-based Solution SOONKI JEONG†, POGYOM KIM
186~192 Electrochemical Performance of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Different Thicknesses of BSCF-based Cathode JAEWON JEONG1,2, CHUNG-YUL YOO1, JONG HOON JOO1, JI HAENG YU1,2†