Vol.24 No.3
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
193~199 Synthesis of Thin Film Type Cu/ZnO Nanostructure Catalysts for Development of Methanol Micro Reforming System CHAN HYUK YEO1, YEON SU KIM2, YEON HO IM1†
200~205 Effects of Nickel Supports on Hydrogen Permeability of Vanadium based Membrane KYOUNGWON CHO1, JAEHA CHOI1, JUNGSEOK2, RAYMUNDK.-I. KIM3,TAEWHAN HONG3†, JOONGWOO AHN4
206~215 A Study About Effects of Changed Load on Dynamic ․ Combustion Characteristics of Linear Engine JAEWAN LEE1, OCKTAECK LIM2†, GANGCHUL KIM3
216~222 Study on the Durability Characteristics of the PEM Fuel Cells having Gas Diffusion Layer with Different Micro Porous Layer Penetration Thicknesses JAEMAN PARK1, HWANYEONG OH1, JUNHYUN CHO2, KYOUNGDOUG MIN1†,EUNSOOK LEE3, JY-YOUNG JYOUNG3
223~229 Effects of Calcination Temperature on Characteristics of Electrospun TiO2 Catalyst Supports for PEMFCs CHORONG KWON1,2, SUNGJONG YOO2, JONGHYUN JANG2HYOUNGJUHN KIM2, JIHYUN KIM1, EUNAE CHO1,2†
230~236 Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of LSM/GDC based Cathode Supported Direct Carbon Fuel Cells BILAL AHMED1,2, WANDI WAHYUDI1,2, SEUNG-BOK LEE1,2†, RAK-HYUN SONG1,2,JONG-WON LEE1,2, TAK-HYOUNG LIM2, SEOK-JOO PARK2
237~241 Quantitative Microstructure Analysis to Predict Electrical Property of NiO-YSZ Anode Support for SOFCs WANDI WAHYUDI1,2, BILAL AHMED1,2, SEUNG-BOK LEE1,2†, RAK-HYUN SONG1,2,JONG-WON LEE1,2, TAK-HYOUNG LIM2, SEOK-JOO PARK2
242~248 An Experimental Study on the Performance and Emission Characteristics with Hydrogen Enrichment at Part Load Conditions Using a LPG Engine INGU KIM1†, KIJONG KIM2, SEANGWOCK LEE3, YONGSEOK CHO3
249~254 The Gasifier Operation Method using Bio Gas JOONGWON LEE†, YONGJIN JOO, JAEHWA CHUNG, SEIK PARK, UISIK KIM
255~263 Effects of NOx and SOx on the Medium pH and microalgal growth in photo-culture system SE YOUNG YOON1, MIN EUI HONG2, SANG JUN SIM1†
264~274 Measurements of Remote Micro Displacements of the Piping System and a Real Time Diagnosis on Their Working States Using a PIV and a Neural Network MIN GYU JEON1, GYEONG RAE CHO2, JUNG SOO OH3, CHANG JE LEE1, DEOG HEE DOH2†