Vol.24 No.4
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
275~281 Enhanced of Bio-Hydrogen Production from Microalgae by Thermal Pre-Treatment CHAEYOUNG LEE†, JAEMIN CHOI
282~287 Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Using Solution Processed CIGS thin Film Solar Cells HYO SANG JEON1,2, SE JIN PARK1, BYOUNG KOUN MIN1,2,3†
288~294 Hydrogen Impurities Analysis From Proton Exchange Membrane TAECKHONG LEE1†, TAEWAN KIM2, TAESUNG PARK3,WOONSUN CHOI4, HONGYOUL KIM5, HONGKI LEE6
295~301 Hydrogen Absorption/Desorption and Heat Transfer Modeling in a Concentric Horizontal ZrCo Bed JONGCHEOL PARK1, JUNGMIN LEE1, DAESEO KOO1, SEI-HUN YUN2,SEUNGWOO PAEK1, HONGSUK CHUNG1†
302~310 A Study on Air-tightness of High Pressure Liquid Hydrogen Pumping System at the Low Temperature JONGGOO LEE1, JONGMIN LEE1, JONGTAI LEE2†
311~319 A Study to Simulate Cell Voltage-Reversal Behavior Caused by Local Hydrogen Starvation in a Stack of Fuel Cell Vehicle JI YEON PARK, SE JOON IM, KOOKIL HAN, BO KI HONG†
320~325 Effect of Double Porous Layer on a Polymer Electrolyte Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell CHUL-MIN HWANG1, DAE-HEUM PARK2, YOUNG-GUAN JUNG3†,KYUNGHOON KIM3, JONGSOO KIM4
326~333 Evaluation of Inflow Uniformity on the Performance of Double-Inlet Centrifugal Blower Using Optimal Design Method JONG-SUNG LEE, CHOON-MAN JANG†, HYUN-JUN JEON
334~339 CO2 Absorption Characteristics of Physical Solvent at High Pressure YONGSEOK EOM, EUNAE KIM, JUNHAN KIM, SUNGNAM CHUN, JUNGBIN LEE†
340~346 Supercritical Water Gasification of Low Rank Coal with High Moisture Content SANG JUN YOON†, JAE GOO LEE, HO WON RA, MYUNG WON SEO
347~352 Study on the Electrolyte for Zn-Br Redox Flow Battery HO-SANG CHOI2, YONG-HWAN OH1, CHEOL-HWI RYU1, GAB-JIN HWANG1†