Vol.24 No.5
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
353~358 A Study on Preferential CO Oxidation over Supported PtCatalysts to Produce High Purity Hydrogen KYUNG-WON JEON, DAE-WOON JEONG, WON-JUN JANG, HYUN-SUK NA, HYUN-SEOG ROH†
359~366 A Study on Characteristics of HI Decomposition Using Pt Catalysts on ZrO2-SiO2 Mixed Oxide YUNKI KO1, EUNJUNG PARK1, 2, KIKWANG BAE1†, CHUSIK PARK1, KYOUNGSOO KANG1,WONCHUL CHO1, SEONGUK JEONG1, CHANGHEE KIM1, YOUNG HO KIM2
367~372 Effect of Melt-Spinning Process on Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mass-Produced Ti0.85Zr0.13(Fex-V)0.56Mn1.47Ni0.05 Alloy JINHO KIM, KYUSUNG HAN
373~385 Operational Optimization of Anodic/cathodic Utilization for a Residential Power Generation System to Improve System Power Efficiency DONGHUN SEOK1, MINJIN KIM2,3†, YOUNG-JUN SOHN2,3, JINHO LEE4
386~392 Optimal Sizing of the Manifolds in a PEM Fuel Cell Stack using Three-Dimensional CFD Simulations JEEHOON JEONG, IN-SU HAN†, HYUN KHIL SHIN
393~400 A Study on the Analysis of the Performance and Efficiency of a Low-pressure Operating PEMFC System for Vehicle Applications Using MATLAB/Simulink RAEHYEOK PARK, HAN-SANG KIM†
401~412 A Simulation Study of the Effect of Microstructural Design on the Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells With Direct Internal Reforming SANGHO SOHN1, IN HYUN NAM2
413~420 A Study on Effect of Thermal Decomposition Products of Coal on Anodic Reactions in Direct Carbon Fuel Cell YOUNG HOON RHIE1, SEONG YONG EOM1, SEONG YOOL AHN2,GYUNG MIN CHOI3†, DUCK JOOL KIM3
421~427 Time Dependent Degradation of Cell in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell HYUN WOO SEO, KI SOO KIM, HYUN DUK BEAK, DONG MIN KIM†
428~436 The Characteristics of Attrition of Absorbents for Pre-combustion CO2 Capture HOJUNG RYU†, DONGHO LEE, JONGHO MOON, YOUNGCHEOL PARK, SUNGHO JO
437~443 Spectroscopic Analysis on Hydroquinone Clathrates for an Application to Storage/Recovery of Olefin Compounds JONG-WON LEE1, DOTEL PRATIK1, SEONG-PIL KANG2†
444~450 Effects of the Internal Structure on the Distribution Performance of a Refrigerant Distributor DONG-HWI KIM1, YONG-CHEOL SA1, BAIKYOUNG CHUNG1, BYUNG-DUCK PARK2†
451~460 Evaluation on Light Scattering Behavior of a Pulverized Coal Suspension MUNKYEONG HWANG1, HYUNSOO NAM1, KYUBO KIM2, JUHUN SONG3
461~466 A Composition and Basis Experiment of Single Cylinder Low Speed Diesel Engine for Atkinson Cycle Materialization JTAEIK JANG†