Vol.28 No.5
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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433-439 High Temperature Water Electrolysis of Covalently Cross-linkedCL-SPEEK/Cs-TSiA/Ceria Composite Membrane HYEYOUNG JUNG1, DAEJIN YOON1, JANGHOON CHUNG2, SANGBONG MOON1,†
440~446 Effects of Carbohydrate, Protein and Lipid Content of Substrate on Hydrogen Production and Microbial Communities CHAE-YOUNG LEE1, SUN-KEE HAN2,†
447~452 Photocatalytic Dehydrogenation of Potassium Formate Over Pd/TiO2 MINA JEON1, SU BIN CHOI1,2, HYUNMI DOH1, HYUN S. PARK1, CHANG WON YOON1,2, SUK WOO NAM1,†
453~458 Packed Bed Methane Chemical-Looping Reforming System Modeling for the Application to the Hydrogen Production JONGJU HA1, SOONHO SONG2,†
459~464 Volume Expansion of TiMn2-type Hydrogen Storage Alloy with Hydrogenation CHOONG-NYEON PARK†
465-470 Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Membrane for Block Copolymer Containing Diphenyl Unit Increasing Cationic Conductivity for Fuel Cells AE RHAN KIM†
471~480 The Electrochemical Performance Evaluation of PBI-based MEA with Phosphoric Acid Doped Cathode for High Temperature Fuel Cell JUNKI RHEE1, CHANMIN LEE1, YUKWON JEON1, HONG YEON LEE1, SANG SUN PARK1, TAE YOUNG KIM2, HEESEON KIM3, SOONHO SONG3, JUNG OCK PARK2, YONG-GUN SHUL1,†
481-491 Development of Lightweight DMFC System for Charging SecondaryBattery in Military Operational Environment SUWON LEE1,2, GEONHUI GWAK3, JUNGHO RO1, YOUNGRAE CHO1, DOYOUN KIM1, HYUNCHUL JU3,†
492-501 Development of Lightweight Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Stack Using Metallic Bipolar Plates for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) SUWON LEE1,2, DOHWAN KIM3, JUNGHO RO1, YOUNGRAE CHO1, DOYOUN KIM1, HYUNCHUL JU3,†
502-511 Long Term Operation and Improvement Reliability for SOFC System YONG YI1, SEOCK JAE SHIN1,†, SE JIN PARK1, MIN SOO KIM1, HYUNG JOONG KIM1, JUN HO KIM2, INHWAN KIM2, YONG SU KIM2
512-520 A Numerical Study on the Expectation Effect of Thermal Balance according to SOFC Hot BOP Insulation Application Method GYU-HONG CHOI1,†, SEUNG-SIK HWANG1, DONG-GYUN KIM1, CHONGGUN CHOI2
521-530 Prediction of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of NiO-YSZ Anode Support for SOFC from Quantitative Analysis of Its Microstructure WANDI WAHYUDI1,2, MUHAMMAD SHIRJEEL KHAN1,2, RAK-HYUN SONG1,2, JONG-WON LEE1,2, TAK-HYOUNG LIM1,2, SEOK-JOO PARK1,2, SEUNG-BOK LEE1,2,†
531-535 Change of the Efficiency in All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery with Current Density HO-SANG CHOI1, DAE-MIN IN2, YOUNG-JOON SONG2, CHEOL-HWI RYU2, GAB-JIN HWANG2,†
536-544 Influence of Various Catalysts on the Biomass Pyrolysis Reaction YOUNG-CHEOL BAK†, JOO-HONG CHOI
545-553 A Study on the Fuel Quality Characteristics and Cold Weather Performance Test for Biodiesel Derived from Microalgae CHEOL-HWAN JEON1,2, CHEON-KYU PARK1, JAE-HYUK LIM1, YOUNG-JIN RYU3, JI-HYUN YANG3, SANG-HYEOK SHIM3, YONG-HEE CHO3, KI-HYUN KIM3, HANWOOL PARK3, JUN-HO KIM3, JAEHOON PARK3, INJAE JUNG3, SUNG-MO KANG3, DONG-WOO SHIN3, SANG-MIN LIM3, CHOUL-GYUN LEE3,†, BYUNG-KI NA2,†
554~560 Comparison of Reduction Reactivity of New Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion System in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed HANA KIM1, DOYEON LEE1, DAL-HEE BAE1, DOWON SHUN1, JEOM-IN BAEK2, HO-JUNG RYU1,†
561-569 The CO2 Absorption of Synthetic Amine using the Ethylene Oxide-Ammonia Reaction JEONGHO CHOI, YEOIL YOON, SUNGYOUL PARK, ILHYUN BAEK, SUNGCHAN NAM†
570-576 Exergy Analysis of Gas Turbine System Depending on Steam Injection Method DASHTSEDEN MIJIDDORJ1, SOK KYU LIM1, YOUNG GUAN JUNG2, KYOUNG HOON KIM2,†
577-583 A Study of Microwave Waste Tire Pyrolysis in a Batch Reactor SEONG-SOO KIM†
584~599 A Review of Microwave-assisted Technology for Biodiesel Production JO YONG PARK†, CHEOL-HWAN JEON, JAE-KON KIM, CHEON-KYU PARK