Vol.28 No.3
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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Page Title Author DOI
231~237 Economic Feasibility Analysis for P2G Using PEM Water Electrolysis SEONJU JEONG1, NAK HEON CHOI2, CHANGHWAN MOON2, SANGBONG MOON2†, HANKWON LIM1†
238~245 Formation and Hydrogen Absorption Properties of Intermetallic Mg-NiCompound Nanoparticles YOOGEUN BAE1, CHULMIN HWANG2, JONGSOO KIM3, XING LONG DONG4, SEWOONG KIM5, YOUNGUAN JUNG5,†
246~251 Fabrication of Hydrocarbon Polymer Electrolyte Composite Membrane Incorporated with Pt Nanopartle for PEMFC and Its Characteristics HONGKI LEE1,2,†
252~272 Fault Detection and Diagnosis Methods for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell System WON-YONG LEE1, GU-GON PARK1,2, YOUNG-JUN SOHN1,2, SEUNG-GON KIM1, MINJIN KIM1,2,†
273~278 Bidirectional Power Transmission Fuel Cell System for Notebook Battery GYUBUM JOUNG†
279~286 A Study on the Variation of Unit Price of Hydrogen Fuel by Difference of Fuel Measuring Method TAECK HONG LEE1,†, BYOUNG WOO KANG1, EUN WOUNG LEE2, CHUNG JIN BAE2
287~294 A Comparison of the Fuel Economy Test Method on Electric Vehicles (EVs) MIN-HO LEE†, SUNG-WOO KIM, KI-HO KIM
295~299 Optimization Study on the Open-Loop Rankine Cycle for Cold Heat Power Generation Using Liquefied Natural Gas YOUNGWOO KIM1, JOONGSUNG LEE2, JONGJIP LEE3, DONG SUN KIM3, JUNGHO CHO3,†
300~307 A Study on the Particle Size and Velocity Profile on a Gasoline Port Injector Using a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzers (PDPA) HYOJIN KIM1, HYUN JO1, SAKDA TONGCHAI1, OCKTACKE LIM2,†
308~314 Three Dimensional Simulation Model of Fuel Delivery Jet Pump DAIN PARK1, JIN WON YUN1, SANGSEOK YU2,†
315~321 Design of a Combustion Chamber for Studying the Combustion Characteristics of Counterflow Flames at Elevated Pressure YEONG JONG AHN1, JAE WON KU1, SUN CHOI1, JAYE KOO2, OH CHAE KWON1,†