Vol.28 No.2
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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121~128 A Study on Effect of the Shape of Electrodes in Alkaline Water Electrolysis OOKWANG CHOI1, JONGSOO KIM2, JIN MOOK HAN1, SEONG-HO YUN3, SEWOONG KIM3, YOUNGUAN JUNG3,†
129~136 Characteristics of ZrO2 Felt Supported Cu/Zn Catalyst for Methanol Steam Reforming EUNYEONG CHOI†
137~143 Reaction Rate with Hydrogen and Hydrogen-storage Capacity of an 80Mg+14Ni+6TaF5 Alloy Prepared by High-energy Ball Milling in Hydrogen HYE RYOUNG PARK1, MYOUNG YOUP SONG2,†
144~149 Preparation and Characterization of Block Copolymer Containing Bisphenyl Propane Unit and Nanosilica Composite Membrane for Fuel Cell Electrolyte Application AE RHAN KIM†
150~155 Numerical Study on Heat Transfer of Air-cooling PEMFC in HALE UAV MYEONGHO SONG1, KYOUNGYOUN KIM2,†
156~165 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Energy Efficiency Analysis of Fuel Cell Based Energy Storage System (ESS) HYOUNGSEOK KIM1, SEOKJIN HONG2, TAK HUR1
166~173 An Investigation of Hazard Distance in a Series of Hydrogen Jet Fire with the Hyram Tools BYOUNG WOO KANG, TAECK HONG LEE†
174~180 An Experimental Study on Lean-burn Limit and Emission Characteristics of Air-fuel Ratio in a CNG Engine INGU KIM1, JIHWAN SON1, JOUNGHWA KIM1, JEONGSOO KIM1, SUNMOON KIM1,†
181~189 A Study on the Combustion Characteristics with Hydrogen Contents of SNG Fuel in Low-Swirl Combustor HWANGHUI JEONG1, KIJOONG KANG2, KEEMAN LEE3,†
190~199 Gasification of Coal and Torrefied Biomass Mixture GUNUNG OH1, JIN YOUNG JANG1, HO WON RA2, MYUNG WON SEO2, TAE YOUNG MUN2, JAE-GOO LEE3, SANG JUN YOON2,†
200~205 Performance of the Electrode for All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery DAE-MIN IN, YOUNG-JOON SONG, DAE-YEOP LEE, CHEOL-HWI RYU, GAB-JIN HWANG†
206~211 Electrochemical Enhancement of Carbon Felt Electrode for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery with Grephene Oxide KEON JOO LEE1, SUNHOE KIM2†
212~219 Investigation of Motion of Single Point Moored Duct-type TCP System byBoth Numerical and Experimental Method CHUL HEE JO, HONG JAE PARK, BONG KUN CHO, MYEONG JOO KIM†
220~224 Experimental Study on the NO2/NOX Ratio from Exhaust of Diesel Vehicles by Chassis Dynamometer SUNMOON KIM, JOUNGHWA KIM, SUNGWOON JUNG, KIJAE SUNG, JEONGSOO KIM, INGU KIM†
225~230 A Study on the Performance Characteristics According to the Compression Ratio of Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Coal Oil SUNG BIN HAN1,†, YON JONG CHUNG2