Vol.24 No.6
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
467~471 Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Stack WANJE KIM, SEUNGBOK LEE†, RAKHYUN SONG, SEOKJOO PARK,TAKHYOUNG LIM, JONGWON LEE
472~479 Simulation of SI-HCCI Transition in a Two-Stroke Free Piston Engine Fuelled with Hydrogen NGUYEN BA HUNG1, KYUEL PARK2, OCKTAECK LIM2†
480~486 Development of Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Advanced Anode Current Collection WANJE KIM, SEUNGBOK LEE†, RAKHYUN SONG, SEOKJOO PARK,TAKHYOUNG LIM, JONGWON LEE
487~494 Effect of Frictional Resistance Force on a Liquid Pool Spreading Model with Continuous and Instantaneous Release TAE HOON KIM†, BYUNG-IL CHOI, MYUNGBAE KIM, KYU HYUNG DO, YONG-SHIK HAN
495~509 A Numerical Investigation of Effects of Methanol Concentration Fluctuation in Active-type Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Systems GEONHUI GWAK1, JOHAN KO1, SUWON LEE2,3, JINWOO LEE4, DONGHYUN PECK5,DOOHWAN JUNG5, HYUNCHUL JU1†
510~517 Performance Characteristics of a Combined Regenerative Ammonia-Water Based Power Generation Cycle Using LNG Cold Energy KYOUNGHOON KIM1, JAEHYEONG OH2, YOUNGGUAN JEONG1†
518~523 Desulfurization of Biogas Using Micro Bubble in a Biogas Plant BONG-YUL TAK1, BONG-SIK TAK1, CHAN-GYU KIM1, GIL-HO MIN1, CHOON-MAN JANG2†
524~534 A Study of Numerical Analysis on Mixed Combustion Characteristics in a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine with Premixed Hydrogen JAEOK BAE1, MINSU CHOI1, HYUNUK SUH1, CHUNGHWAN JEON2†
535~542 Effect of Bed Insert Geometry on CO Conversion of WGS Catalyst in a Fluidized Bed Reactor for SEWGS Process HOJUNG RYU†, HANA KIM, DONGHO LEE, GYOUNGTAE JIN, YOUNGCHEOL PARK, SUNGHO JO
543~549 The Study on the Catalytic Performance and Characterization of La0.9Sr0.1Cr0.7B0.3O3±δ (B=Mn, Ni, Fe, Ru) for High Temperature Water-gas Shift Reaction with Simuated Coal-derived Syngas SEUL-GI LEE1, JAEHOOM KWAK2, JUNG MIN SOHN1,2†
550~557 Ni Nanoparticles-hollow Carbon Spheres Hybrids for Their Enhanced Room Temperature Hydrogen Storage Performance JIN-HO KIM, KYU-SUNG HAN
558~565 Evaluation of Energy Production for a Small Wind Turbine Installed in an Island Area CHOON-MAN JANG1†, JONG-SUNG LEE1, WAN-HO JEON2, TAE-GYUN LIM2
566~572 Structural Characteristics for the Hybrid Street-Lamp of a Small Wind Turbine and Photovoltaic Power System HYUN-JUN JEON, CHOON-MAN JANG†
573~579 An Experimental Study on Expansion of Operation Range by Lean Boosting for a HCCI H2 Engine BYUNGHOH AHN1, JONGGOO LEE1, JONGMIN LEE1, JONGTAI LEE2†