Vol.27 No.6
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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621~627 Optimization of Reaction Conditions for the High Purity Hydrogen Production Process Using By-Product Gases in Steel Works HANSEUL CHOI1, JOONWOO KIM1, SUNG JOONG KIM1, DONG JUN KOH1†
628~635 The Evaluation of CO Adsorbents Used in PSA Process for the Purification of Reformed Hydrogen JIN-NAM PARK
636~641 Characterization of Ni-Fe Alloy Electrodeposited Electrode for Alkaline Water Electrolysis DA-SOL AN1, KI-KWANG BAE1, CHU-SIK PARK1, CHANG-HEE KIM1, KOUNG-SOO KANG1,WON-CHUL CHO1, HYUN-SEOK CHO1, YOUNG-HO KIM2†, SEONG-UK JEONG1†
642~650 Adiabatic Performance of Layered Insulating Materials for Bulk LH2 Storage Tanks KYEONGHO KIM1, DONGHWAN SHIN2, YONGCHAN KIM3, SARNG WOO KARNG2†
651~659 A Study on Stirling Cryocooler for Precooling Hydrogen Liquefier SEONGJE PARK†, JUNSEOK KO, YONGJU HONG, HYOBONG KIM, HANKIL YEOM, SEHWAN IN
660~669 Synthesis and Characterization of Di and Triblock Copolymers Containing a Naphthalene Unit for Polymer Electrolyte Membranes AERHAN KIM
670~676 A Study on Hydrogen Impurity Effect in Anode of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell on Various Concentration of CO and H2S EUN-KYUNG LEE, JAE-HOON BAEK, JUNG-WOON LEE†, SEUNG-KUK LEE, YEON-JAE LEE
677~684 Effect of Gas Diffusion Layer on La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 Bifunctional Electrode for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions in an Alkaline Solution KAREEN J. LOPEZ1, JIN-HYUN YANG1, HO-JUNG SUN2, GYUNGSE PARK3, SEUNGWOOK EOM4, HYUNG-RYUL RIM5, HONG-KI LEE5, JOONGPYO SHIM1†
685~692 A Study on Characteristics of Hydrogen Leakage in Hydrogen Town Governor Room TAE-HO NAM, DONG-HWAN KIM, JUNG-WOON LEE†, SEUNG-KUK LEE, YEON-JAE LEE
693~701 Comparative Evaluation of Steam Gasification Reactivity of Indonesian Low Rank Coals SOOHYUN KIM1, PAUL VICTOR1,2, JIHO YOO1†, SIHYUN LEE1, YOUNGJOON RHIM1,JEONGHWAN LIM1, SANGDO KIM1, DONGHYUK CHUN1, HOKYUNG CHOI1
702~711 Production of Biofuels and Biochemicals by Biorefinery CHAE-YOUNG LEE1, SUN-KEE HAN2†
712~720 Study on Effect of Phase Separation of Bioethanol Blends Fuel by Water Contents JAE-KON KIM†, CHEOl-HWAN JEON, KYONG-IL MIN, SHIN KIM, CHEON-KYU PARK,JONG-HAN HA
721~726 An Experimental Study on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled witha Blend of Ethanol JUN YOUNG PARK1, SUNG BIN HAN2†, YON JONG CHUNG3
727~736 Numerical Study of Spray Characteristics of n-Heptane in Constant Volume Combustion Chamber under Diesel Engine Conditions SHUBHRA KANTI DAS1, OCKTAECK LIM2†
737~746 Laminar Burning Velocity Measurement of SNG/Air Flames - A Comparison of Bunsen and Spherical Flame Method - DONGCHAN KIM1, KEEMAN LEE2†
747~752 Characterization of Soot Produced from Thermal Decomposition of Hydrocarbon Fuel HAKDUCK KIM1, CHANGYEAN KIM1, JUHUN SONG2†
753~763 Development of Room Temperature Na/S Secondary Batteries HOSUK RYU, INSOO KIM, JINSOO PARK†
764~772 Evaluation of Numerical Model of a Ball Valve used for a Gas Pipeline CHUL-KYU KIM1, KYOUNG-KEUN LEE2, TAE-GYUN LIM2, CHOON-MAN JANG1†
773~782 Study on Optimal Coefficients of Line Broadening Function for Performance Enhancements of CT-TDLAS DOOWON CHOI1, GYONGRAE CHO1†, YOSHIHIRO DEGUCHI2, TAESIL BAEK3, DEOGHEE DOH1†