Vol.27 No.5
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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471~477 Synthesis and Evaluation of Ir/TiO2 OER catalyst for PEM water electrolysis MINAH SONG, HYEYOUNG JUNG, HAEJI LEE, YUNKI CHOI, SANGBONG MOON†
478~484 Preparation and Characterization of SPEEK/Cellulose Polymer Composite Membranes for Water Electrolysis YURI SONG1, JINSAN CHA1, YOUNGYO YOON1, SANG-BONG MOON2, JANG-HOON CHUNG1†
485~493 Optimal Operation Condition of Pressurized Methanol Fuel Processor for Underwater Environment HYUNJIN JI†, EUNYEONG CHOI, JUNGHUN LEE
494~502 Packed Bed Reactor Simulation for the Water Gas Shift Reaction in the Steam Reforming of Natural Gas DEUKKI LEE
503~509 Experimental Study on the Preferential Oxidation Reactor Performance Using a Water Cooling Heat Removal for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell JINSAN KIM1, TAEHYUN JO1, BONCHAN KOO2, DOHYUNG LEE1†
510~516 Effects of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate on Hydrogen Fermentation of Food Waste CHAE-YOUNG LEE†ߙ, JAE-MIN CHOI
517~525 Deactivation Behavior of K2CO3 Catalyst in the Steam Gasification of Kideco Coal PAUL VICTOR1,2,SOOHYUN KIM1, JIHO YOO1†, SIHYUN LEE1, YOUNGJOON RHIM1, JEONGHWAN LIM1, SANGDO KIM1, DONGHYUK CHUN1, HOKYUNG CHOI1, YOUNGWOO RHEE2†
526~532 Performance Enhancement of Biofuel Cell by Surface Modification of Glucose Oxidase using Ferrocene Carboxylic acid JUNGYEON JI, MARCELINUS CHRISTWARDANA, YONGJIN CHUNG†, YONGCHAI KWON†
533~539 Evaluation of Characterization During Start-up of Anaerobic Digestion Via Various Seeding Methods CHAE-YOUNG LEE1, SUN-KEE HAN2†
540~546 Improvement of Dye-Hydrogel Based Photovoltaics via Hydroquinone Electrolyte Mediators HYUNG-JUN KOO†
547~553 Evaluation of a Grid System for Numerical Analysis of a Small Savonius Wind Turbine CHUL-KYU KIM1, SANG-MOON LEE1, SEOK-YUN JEON1,2, JOON-YONG YOON2, CHOON-MAN JANG1†
554~561 A Study on the Reaction Optimization for the Utilization of CO2 and CH4 from Bio-gas DONGHYUN KHO, WOOKSANG CHO, YOUNGSOON BAEK†
562~570 Thermal Degradation of Aqueous MEA Solution for CO2 Absorption by Nuclear Magnetics Resonance JEONGHO CHOI, YEOIL YOON, SUNGYOUL PARK, ILHYUN BAEK, YOUNGEUN KIM,SUNGCHAN NAM†
571~580 Effect of Carbon Capture Using Pre-combustion Technology on the Performance of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle SUKYOUNG YOON1, JIHO AHN1, BYEONGSEON CHOI1, TONGSEOP KIM2†
581~588 CH4 Combustion Characteristics of Oxygen Carriers in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed HO‐JUNG RYU1†, YOUNGCHEOL PARK1, SEUNG‐YONG LEE1, SUNG‐HO JO1, DOWON SHUN1, JEOM‐IN BAEK2
589~596 Reduction Characteristics of Oxygen Carriers in a Pressurized Bubbling Fluidized Bed JOO‐YOUNG YOON1, DAL‐HEE BAE1, JEOM‐IN BAEK2, HO‐JUNG RYU1†
597~603 Comparative Thermodynamic Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle and Ammonia-Water Rankine Cycle KYOUNG HOON KIM1, MAN-HOE KIM2†
604~611 A Study on the Characteristics of n-Butane for a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine SUNG BIN HAN1†, JUN YOUNG PARK2, YON JONG CHUNG3
612~619 Characterization of Pitch Derived from Petroleum Residue and Coal-tar JIHONG KIM1,2, HYEONGGI KIM3†