Vol.27 No.3
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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245~255 Current Status of Standardization of ISO TC197 JONG-WON KIM1†, TAECKHONG LEE2, JAE-WOO CHOI3
256~263 Analysis of Costs for a Hydrogen Refueling Station in Korea BYOUNGWOO KANG1, TAEHYUN KIM2, TAECKHONG LEE2†
264~269 Preparation and Characteristics of Pt/GDE Loaded withPd Promoter for PEMFC HONGKI LEE1,2†, WOOKUM LEE2
270~275 Mechanical Property of Nafion Membrane Incorporated with Pd Nanocatalyst and the Performance of PEMFC WOOKUM LEE1, HONGKI LEE1,2†
276~282 Effect of Conductive Additives in La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 Perovskite Electrodes for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution in Alkaline Solution JOONGPYO SHIM1†, KAREEN J. LOPEZ1, JIN-HYUN YANG1, HO-JUNG SUN2,GYUNGSE PARK3, SEUNGWOOK EOM4, HONG-KI LEE5
283~289 Performance Evaluations of Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell (DFAFC) using PdCu Catalysts Synthesized by Control in Amount of Ethylene Glycol JONGWON YANG, LAEHYUN KIM, YONGCHAI KWON†
290~297 Degradation Characteristics of Aqueous MEA Solution by Corrosion Products and Absorption Conditions SUNGCHAN NAM1, YOONAH SONG2, ILHYUN BAEK1, YEOIL YOON1, JEONGKYUN YOU1, CHANGHA LEE2†
298~305 NO Gas Sensing of ACFs Treated by E-beam Irradiation in H2O2 Solution SANGMIN LEE, MI-SEON PARK, MIN-JUNG JUNG, YOUNG-SEAK LEE†
306~310 The Effect of Acid Treatment Time for Ni Plating on the Joint of α-Al2O3 and Ni Metal EUNJEONG YI1,2, YONGTAE AN1, BYUNGHYUN CHOI1†, MIJUNG JI1, HAEJIN HWANG2
311~317 Experimental Study on the Internal Flow of a Ball Valve used for a Gas Pipeline CHUL-KYU KIM, SANG-MOON LEE, CHOON-MAN JANG†
318~327 2D Temperature Measurement of CT-TDLAS by Using Two-Ratios-of-Three-Peaks Algorithm DOOWON CHOI1,3, GYONGRAE CHO2†, JOONHWAN SHIM1, YOSHIHIRO DEGUCHI3, DONGHYUK KIM2, DEOGHEE DOH2†