Vol.27 No.2
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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135~143 Process Technologies of Reforming, Upgrading and Purification of Anaerobic Digestion Gas for Fuel Cells MINSOO BAE1, JONGYEON LEE2, JONGGYU LEE3†
144~154 Operating Method to Maximize Life Time of 5 kW High Temperature Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack JIHUN KIM1,2, MINJIN KIM2,3†, YOUNG-JUN SOHN2,3, SANGSEOK YU1
155~162 Optimization of Condensate Water Drain Logic Depending on the Characteristics of Drain Valve in FPS of Fuel Cell Vehicle and Development of Anode Water Management Strategy to Achieve High Fuel Efficiency and Operational Stability DEUKKUEN AHN†, HYUNJAE LEE, HYOSUB SHIM, DAEJONG KIM
163~168 Hydriding Performance in a Uranium Bed depending on the Initial Bed Temperatures and Helium Contents DAESEO KOO1, YEANJIN KIM2, KWANGJIN JUNG2, SEI-HUN YUN3, HONGSUK CHUNG4†
169~175 Study on the Electrolyte Added Chlorosulfuric Acid for All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery YONG-HWAN OH, GEON-WOO LEE, CHEOL-HWI RYU, GAB-JIN HWANG†
176~181 Study on the Electrochemical Characteristics of a EGaIn Liquid Metal Electrode for Supercapacitor Applications JU-HEE SO1, HYUNG-JUN KOO2†
182~191 Study on the Thermal Performance of a Solar Assisted Heat Pump System with a Hybrid Collector KYU HYUNG DO1,2, BYUNG-IL CHOI1,2, YONG-SHIK HAN1, MYUNGBAE KIM1,2, TAEHOON KIM1,2†
192~200 Characteristics of Carbon Dioxide Gasification for Sewage Sludge in Microwave BYEORI JEONG, SOOHYUK YOON, YOUNGNAM CHUN†
201~210 Conceptual Design and Feasibility Study on 0.5 MWth Pressurized Chemical Looping Combustor HOJUNG RYU1†, DONGHO LEE1, MYOUNGSOO JANG1, JUNGHWAN KIM1,3, JEOM-IN BAEK2†
211~219 Effects of Operating Variables on Separation Rate and Separation Efficiency in Ash Separator for Solid Fuel Chemical Looping Combustor
220~229 A Study on the Lift Flame Structure with Composition Ratios in Premixed Impinging Jet Flames of Syngas (H2/CO) SEULGI KIM1, KEUNSEON SIM2, KEEMAN LEE2†
230~235 Assessment of Gas Leakage for a 30-inch Ball Valve used for a Gas Pipeline CHUL-KYU KIM, SANG-MOON LEE, CHOON-MAN JANG†
236~243 Thermal Performance Analysis of Reciprocating Compressors for Refrigerator-freezers MAN-HOE KIM†