Vol.27 No.1
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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1~12 Study on the Design Parameters of a Heat Exchange Steam Reformer (HESR) using CFD CHANUK YANG1, YULHO LEE1, SANGHYUN PARK2, CHOONGMO YANG2, SUNGJIN PARK1†
13~21 Effects of Solubility of SO2 Gas on Continuous Bunsen Reaction using HIx Solution JONGSEOK KIM1, CHUSIK PARK1, KYOUNGSOO KANG1, SEONGUK JEONG1, WON CHUL CHO1, YOUNG HO KIM2, KI KWANG BAE1†
22~28 Dehydriding Performance in a Depleted Uranium Bed DAESEO KOO1, YEANJIN KIM2, SEI-HUN YUN3, HONGSUK CHUNG4†
29~35 Numerical Study on Flow Distribution in PEMFC with Metal foam Bipolar Plate MYEONGHO SONG1, KYOUNGYOUN KIM2†
36~41 Development of a New On-line state Estimation Method in PEMFC using Parameter Estimation SEUNGRYEOL YOO, DONGHEE CHOI†
42~48 An Experimental Study on the Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Air-cooling PEMFC in a Enclosure JUNSIK LEE1, SEUNGGON KIM1, YOUNGJUN SOHN1,2†
49~62 Optimization of Operating Conditions for a 10 kW SOFC System YULHO LEE1, CHANUK YANG1, CHOONGMO YANG2, SANGHYUN PARK2, SUNGJIN PARK1†
63~70 Oxidation of Ash Free Coal from Lignite and Anthracite Coals in a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell SANGWOO LEE, YUJEONG KIM, TAEKYUN KIM, KIJEONG LEE, CHOONGGON LEE†
71~82 The Role of Government to Supply Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in Korea and Japan MINHEE SON1, SUKWOO NAM1,2, KYUNGNAM KIM1†
83~94 Performance Analysis of Absorbent for Post-combustion CO2 Capture by Regeneration TAEHYOUNG KIL1,2, DONGHO LEE1, SUNGHO JO1, CHANGKEUN YI1, YEONGSEONG PARK2, HOJUNG RYU1†
95~105 The Effect of CBB(CaO・BaO・B2O3) Addition on the Physical Properties and Oxygen Transfer Reactivity of NiO-based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion JEOM-IN BAEK1†, HYUNGEUN JO1, TAEHYOUNG EOM1, JOONGBEOM LEE1, HO-JUNG RYU2
106~113 A Study on the Stratified Combustion and Stability of a Direct Injection LPG Engine MINHO LEE†, KIHO KIM, JONGHAN HA
114~120 A Study on Generating efficiency of the Double Acting Stirling Engine/Generator SEONGJE PARK†, JUNSEOK KO, YONGJU HONG, HYOBONG KIM, HANKIL YEOM, SEHWAN IN
121~126 Evaluation for the Numerical Model of a Micro-Bubble Pump SANG-MOON LEE, CHOON-MAN JANG†
127~134 Developments of a Cross-Correlation Calculation Algorithm for Gas Temperature Distributions Based on TDLAS DOOWON CHOI1, KWANGNAM KIM2, GYONGRAE CHO3†, JOONHWAN SHIM1, DONGHYUK KIM3, YOSHIHIRO DEGUCHI4, DEOGHEE DOH3†