Vol.26 No.6
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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507~515 Characteristics of Hydrogen Iodide Decomposition using Alumina-Supported Ni Based Catalyst JI HYE KIM1,2, CHU SIK PARK1, CHANG HEE KIM1, KYOUNG SOO KANG1, SEONG UK JEONG1,WON CHUL CHO1, YOUNG HO KIM2, KI KWANG BAE1†
516~523 The Effect of Y at Ni-YSZ Catalysts for the Application to the Process of Methane Chemical-Looping Reforming HEESEON KIM1, YUKWON JEON2, JUSOON HWANG3, SOONHO SONG1†, YONG-GUN SHUL2,3
524~531 Synthesis and Characterization of Covalently Cross-Linked SPEEK/Cs-substituted MoSiA/Ceria Composite Membranes with MoSiA for Water Electrolysis HYUN SEO1, YU-RI SONG1, YUN-SUN OH1, SANG-BONG MOON2, JANG-HOON CHUNG1†
532~540 Effects of Process Variables on the Growth of Dendrite in the Electrochemical Alane(AlH3) Production Process HYOSUB KIM1, HYUNGYU PARK1, CHUSIK PARK2, KIKWANG BAE2, YOUNGHO KIM1†
541~546 Characteristics of a Hydrogen Isotope Storage and Accountancy System YEANJIN KIM1,2, KWANGJIN JUNG1,2, DAESEO GOO2, JONGCHUL PARK2, MIN-GU JEON2, SEI-HUN YUN3, HONGSUK CHUNG1,2†
547~553 Manufacturing Process Improvement of Electrode for PEMFC SEOK JUNG PARK†, JAE SEUNG LEE, KI SUB LEE, BUM WOOK ROH
554~559 A Study on Performance of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Using Metal Foam MYO-EUN KIM1, CHANG-SOO KIM2, YOUNG-JUN SOHN1,2†
560~566 An Analysis on the Effects of EGR to Extend Operation Region for a HCCI Hydrogen Engine KEONSIK LEE1, JINGU KIM1, CHANGHEE BYUN1†, JONGTAI LEE2
567~580 A Study on Evaluating the Selection of Low Rank Coal Gasifier CHEOLOONG KIM1, HO LIM2, RYANGGYOON KIM3, JUHUN SONG2, CHUNGHWAN JEON2†
581~589 Comparison of Viscosity Measurement of a Liquid Carbon Dioxide Used for a High-Pressure Coal Gasifier KANGWOOK KIM1, CHANGYEON KIM1, HAKDUCK KIM1, JUHUN SONG2†
590~599 Characteristics of Thermodynamic Performance of Heat Exchanger in Organic Rankine Cycle Depending on Pinch Temperature Difference KYOUNG HOON KIM, YOUNG GUAN JUNG, SANG HEE PARK†
600~608 Reduction and Decomposition Characteristics of CaSO4 Based Oxygen Carrier Particles HOJUNG RYU1†, HANA KIM1, DONGHO LEE1, GYOUNGTAE JIN1, JEOMIN BAEK2
609~628 Bio-Jet Fuel Production Technologies for GHG Reduction in Aviation Sector JAE-KON KIM†, JO YONG PARK, EUI SOON YIM, KONG-IL MIN, CHEON-KYU PARK, JONG-HAN HA
629~637 The Study on Effect of Emissions and Performance of a ConventionalVehicle using the High Concentration Alcohol Blended Petroleum Product SUNG-WOO KIM†, JIN-WOO DOE, KI-HO KIM, JONG-HAN HA
638~644 A Study on Design of the Linear Generator in the Double Acting Stirling Engine SEONGJE PARK†, JUNSEOK KO, YONGJU HONG, HYOBONG KIM, HANKIL YEOM, SEHWAN IN
645~651 Numerical Study on Human Thermal Comfort in a Low Floor Bus WON GU PARK1, MAN-HOE KIM2
652~658 The Study About Deformation of a Peristaltic Pump using Numerical Simulation NGUYEN BA HUNG, OCKTAECK LIM†
659~665 Experimentally Evaluation of a Liquid Pool Spreading Model with Continuous Release TAEHOON KIM1,2†, KYU HYUNG DO1,2, MYUNGBAE KIM1,2, YONG-SHIK HAN1, BYUNG-IL CHOI1,2