Vol.26 No.5
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
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393~401 A Study on Injector Durability Test with Diesel and BD20 Using Common Rail YUNHO JEONG1, OCKTAECK LIM2†
402~408 Study on the Characteristics of Catalyst Reaction for Hydrogen Recovery from Nuclear Fusion Exhaust Gas WOOCHAN JUNG†, PILKAP JUNG, JOUNGWON KIM, HUNGMAN MOON
409~415 Optimization of Bioelectrochemical Anaerobic Digestion Process Using Response Surface Methodology CHAE-YOUNG LEE1, JAE-MIN CHOI1, SUN-KI HAN2†
416~422 Study on the Electrochemical Characteristics of Lithium Ion Dopingto Cathode for the Lithium Ion Capacitor SEONGUK CHOI, DONGJUN PARK, GABJIN HWANG, CHEOLHWI RYU†
423~430 Effect of Al Precursor Addition Time on Catalytic Characteristic of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 Catalyst for Water Gas Shift Reaction JEONG HUN BAEK1, JEONG MIN JEONG1, JI HYE PARK1, KWANG BOK YI2, YOUNG WOO RHEE1†
431~437 Reliability Evaluation of Miniaturized Measurement Cell of Effective Thermal Conductivity for Hydrogen Storage Materials YOUNG HYO LEE1, YEON HO IM1,2†
438~444 A Study on Internal Flow Characteristics of T Branch using CFD Analysis CHUL HEE JO, MYEONG JOO KIM, SEOK JIN CHO, SU JIN HWANG†
445~452 Simulation for Possible Coke-Free Operation of a Packed Catalyst BedReactor in the Steam-CO2 Reforming of Natural Gas DEUK KI LEE1†, SANG SOO LEE2, DONG JOO SEO3, WANG LAI YOON3
453~462 Development of the Social Responsibility Program(Aspect of Energy & Environmenrs)under CO2 Emission Trading Systems JOONGWOO AHN†
463~468 A Study on Influence of Ball Valve and Upstream Curved Pipe on Internal Flow of Pipeline CHUL HEE JO, MYEONG JOO KIM, SEOK JIN CHO, SU JIN HWANG†
469~476 Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Storage System using Magnesium Hydride Enhanced in its Heat Transfer SANG GON KIM1, JAE HYEOK SHIM2, YEON HO IM1,3†
477~483 A Effect of Reaction Conditions on Syngas Yield for the Preparation of Syngas from Landfill Gas WOOKSANG CHO, KEONGDON CHOI, YOUNGSOON BAEK†
484~492 A Study on the Emission Characteristics for Blended Power Bio-Fuel Oil JONG-HAN HA1,2, CHEOL-HWAN JEON1, YONG-CHAI KWON2†
493~498 Development of An Accelerated Durability Test Mode for Fuel Cell YONGHEE LEE†, DONGJO OH, UISIK JEON, JONGHYUN LEE
499~506 Economical and Environmental Study on SNG Combined Cycle Integrated with CCS for Large-Scale Reduction of CO2(Based on NETL Report) DONG-KYUN SEO1, WON SOON KWON2†