Vol.25 No.3
Transctions of the Korean Hydrogen and New Energy Society
Print : 1738-7264 Online : 2288-7407
Page Title Author DOI
219~226 The Characteristics of HI Decomposition using Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst HeatTreated in Air and Hydrogen Atmosphere EUN JUNG PARK1,2, YUN KI KO1, CHU SIK PARK1†, CHANG HEE KIM1, KYOUNG SOO KANG1,WON CHUL CHO1, SEONG UK JEONG1, KI KWANG BAE1, YOUNG HO KIM2
227~233 A Study on Cu Based Catalysts for Water Gas Shift Reaction to ProduceHydrogen from Waste-Derived Synthesis Gas HYUN-SUK NA, DAE-WOON JEONG, WON-JUN JANG, YEOL-LIM LEE, HYUN-SEOG ROH†
234~239 Dynamics Study with DFT(Density Functional Theory) Calculation for Metal with a few Peripheral Electrons TAEWAN KIM1, TAESUNG PARK1, YEONSUNG JUNG2*, YOUNGJIN KANG2, TAECKHONG LEE1†
240~246 The Study on Development of Performance in Cryogenic Piston Pump JONGMIN LEE1, JONGGOO LEE1, KWANGJU LEE2, JONGTAI LEE2†
247~254 The Effect of Promotor and Reaction Condition for FT Oil Synthesisover 12wt% Co-based Catalyst YONHEE PARK, JIYOON LEE, JONGTAE JUNG, JONGYEOL LEE, WONJUN CHO, YOUNGSOON BAEK†
255~263 A Construction Plan of Hydrogen Fueling Stations on Express HighwaysUsing Geographic Information System BONGJIN GIM1†, JI HOON KOOK2, SANG MIN CHO3
264~270 Demonstration Results of Fuel Cell Buses of Hyundai Motor Company JEONGKYU PARK†, SEUNGYOON LEE, DONGHOON KIM, YOUNGPIN JIN,JONGJIN PARK, SAEHOON KIM
271~279 Development of a 25kW-Class PEM Fuel Cell Systemfor the Propulsion of a Leisure Boat IN-SU HAN†, JEEHOON JEONG, BACK-KYUN KHO, CHOENG HOON CHOI,SUNGJU YU, HYUN KHIL SHIN
280~288 A Study of Ceria on Low-temperature SinteringUsing Sintering Aids for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells CHANG HOON OH1,2, KWANG HO SONG2†, JONGHEE HAN1†, SUNG PIL YOON1
289~296 The Study on the Cell Electrochemical Properties with Increasing Water content in Dye-Sensitized Solar cells HYUN WOO SEO, DONG MIN KIM†
297~304 Performance of the Geothermal Heat Pump using Vapor Injection for Hot Water YONG-JUNG PARK1, BYUNG-DUCK PARK2†
297~304 Performance of the Geothermal Heat Pump using Vapor Injection for Hot Water YONG-JUNG PARK1, BYUNG-DUCK PARK2†
311~318 Performance Degradation of a Battery in an Energy Storage System (ESS) under Various Operating Conditions and Monitoring Study of ESS Connected with Photovoltaic EUNEY JUNG1, HANJOO JUNG1, YOUNKI JEONG1, JAEYOUNG LEE2, HONGKI LEE2†
319~335 A Study on Economic Evaluation of SNG Project using Real Option Valuation Model HONG JIN PYO1†, KANG SEUNG JIN2