Title(Kor) 회분식 반응기에서의 마이크로파 폐타이어 열분해 연구
Title(Eng) A Study of Microwave Waste Tire Pyrolysis in a Batch Reactor
Keyword Microwave pyrolysis(마이크로파 열분해), Waste tire(폐타이어), Microwave output power(마이크로파 출력), Microwave power consumption(마이크로파 출력량), Oil yield(오일수율)
Author(Kor) 김성수†
Author(Eng) SEONG-SOO KIM†
Date 2017-10
Attach file 19-17-09-27(김성수)-577.pdf
Page Page. 577-583
A series of microwave waste tire pyrolysis experiments were conducted using a lab-scale batch reactor to delineate the effects of microwave ouput power on the pyrolysis behavior of waste tire. As results of experiments, it was found that as the microwave output power was increased from 1.22 kW/kg to 2.26 kW/kg, the reaction temperature and oil yield increased significantly and the required time and microwave power consumption decreased remarkably, respectively. With increased power consumption, the content of the fixed carbon of pyrolysis residue increased.

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