Title(Kor) 바이오매스 열분해 반응에서 다양한 촉매의 영향
Title(Eng) Influence of Various Catalysts on the Biomass Pyrolysis Reaction
Keyword Pyrolysis(열분해), Biomass(바이오매스), Bamboo(대나무), Pine(소나무), Hinoki(편백), Catalyst(촉매), TGA(열중량분석기)
Author(Kor) 박영철†⋅최주홍
Date 2017-10
Attach file 14-17-09-14(박영철)-536.pdf
Page Page. 536-544
The effects of catalysts addition on the pyrolysis reaction of biomass have been studied in a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). The sample biomasses were Bamboo, Pine and Hinoki. The catalysts tested were K, Zn, Cu metal compounds. The pyrolysis reactions were tested in the nonisothermal condition from the room temperature to 550℃ at a heating rate 50℃/min on the flowing of N2 purge gases. Cellulose contents of Bamboo was higher than that of Pine and Hinoki. As the results, the pyrolysis reaction of volatile matter was finished near the temperature 450℃. The initial decomposition temperatures of the volatile matters (Ti) were 165℃ for Bamboo, 190℃ for Pine, and 193℃ for Hinoki. Ti decreased with increasing the catalyst amounts in the sample biomasses. The temperature of maximum reaction rate (Tmax) were 338℃ for Bamboo, 378℃ for Pine, and 377℃ for Hinoki. The effects of catalysts addition on the Tmax were to decreased it. The reducing effects about Tmax was the most effective for K metal compounds catalyst. The char amounts remained after pyrolysis at 550℃ were 26.2% for Bamboo, 20.7% for Pine, and 20.9% for Hinoki. The char amounts increased with the catalyst amounts.

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