Title(Kor) 연료전지용 양이온 전도성이 증가된 디페닐 단위를 갖는 블록공중합체 혼성막 제조 및 특성
Title(Eng) Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Membrane for Block Copolymer Containing Diphenyl Unit Increasing Cationic Conductivity for Fuel Cells
Keyword Fuel cell(연료전지), Hybrid membranes(혼성막), Block copolymer(공중합체), Polymer electrolyte membranes(고분자 전해질막), Cationic conductivity(양이온 전도성)
Author(Kor) 김애란†
Author(Eng) AE RHAN KIM†
Date 2017-10
Attach file 06-17-09-14(김애란)-465.pdf
Page Page. 465-470
Sulfonated fluorinated block copolymers having diphenyl units were mixed with the sulfonated cationic conductive polymers at an optimum mixing ratio to form hybrid membranes for fuel cells and their characteristics were studied. 2D and 3D AFM topology analysis confirmed that the number of hydrophilic units in the hybrid membrane was improved. Through the FE-SEM, the microstructure of the hybrid membrane implied hydrogen bonding and pi-pi interactions, and EDAX confirmed carbon, oxygen, sulfur, and fluorine. The thermogravimetric analysis showed that the hybrid membrane was thermally stable and the hydrophilicity of the hybrid membrane was increased by the contact angle of water droplets. As a result, it was confirmed that the cation conductivity increased by a factor of 1.8 times as the number of acidic domains in the hybrid film increased.

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