Title(Kor) 수소 생성을 위한 고정상 메탄 매체 순환 개질 시스템 모델링
Title(Eng) Packed Bed Methane Chemical-Looping Reforming System Modeling for the Application to the Hydrogen Production
Keyword Methane(메탄), Hydrogen(수소), Modeling(모델링), Chemical looping combustion(매체순환연소), Chemical looping reforming(매체순환개질), Stack(스택), Reaction rate(반응률)
Author(Kor) 하종주1⋅송순호2,†
Date 2017-10
Attach file 04-17-09-27(하종주)-453.pdf
Page Page. 453~458
A study on the modeling of the methane Chemical Looping Reforming system was carried out. It is aimed to predict the temperature and concentration behavior of the product through modeling of oxygen carrier fixed bed reactors composed of multiple stacks. In order to design the reaction system, first of all, the flow rate of the hydrogen to be produced was calculated. The flow rate ratio of the oxidation/reduction reactor was calculated considering the heat of reaction between adjacent reactors. Finally, in this paper, kinetic model including empirical coefficients was suggested.

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