Title(Kor) 탄수화물, 단백질, 지방 함량에 따른 혐기성 수소 발효시 부산물 및 미생물 군집 특성 평가
Title(Eng) Effects of Carbohydrate, Protein and Lipid Content of Substrate on Hydrogen Production and Microbial Communities
Keyword Anaerobic hydrogen fermentation(혐기성 수소 발효), Carbohydrate(탄수화물), Protein(단백질), Hydrogen production microorganism(수소 생성 미생물)
Author(Kor) 이채영1⋅한선기2†
Date 2017-10
Attach file 02-17-07-31(한선기)-440.pdf
Page Page. 440~446
This study was aimed at evaluating the effects of carbohydrate, protein and lipid content of substrate on hydrogen yields and microbial communities. The hydrogen yields were linearly correlated to carbohydrate content of substrates while others (content of proteins and lipids) did not make a significant contribution. The chemical composition of substrates produced effects on the final products of anaerobic hydrogen fermentation. Acetate and butyrate were the main fermentation products, with their concentration proving to correlate with carbohydrate and protein content of substrates. The result of microbial community analysis revealed that the relative abundances of Clostridium butyricum increased and Clostridium perfringens decreased as the carbohydrate content increased.

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