Title(Kor) 알라네이트 계 수소 저장 물질의 수소 방출 특성
Title(Eng) Hydrogen Evolution Properties of Alanate-based Hydrogen Storage Materials
Keyword Alanate-based materials(알라네이트 계 물질), Hydrogen evolution(수소방출), Hydrogen storage(수소 저장), Mechanochemically metathesisreaction(기계적 이온교환), Ti doping(Ti 도핑)
Author(Kor) 정헌도†
Date 2017-08
Attach file 06-17-06-26-정헌도-361.pdf
Page Page. 361~368
Alanate-based materials, which were known to have high hydrogen storage capacity, were synthesized by mechanochemically metathesis reaction of metal chloride and sodium alanate without solvent. XRD patterns of synthesized materials showed that metathesis reaction of cations between metal chloride and sodium alanate was progressed favorably without any solvent. Magnesium alanate showed that 3.2 wt.% of hydrogen was evolved by the thermal decomposition. The addition of a small amount of Ti to the magnesium alanate greatly reduced hydrogen evolution temperature. Also, Ti doped magnesium alanate had a good regeneration property. Both the calcium and lithium-magnesium alanate showed the lower starting temperature of the two step hydrogen evolution and fast kinetics for the hydrogen evolution.

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